Shooting Incident

On Sunday, July 6,  just after 8 P.M., Hendersonville Police responded to a domestic violence situation at a residence on Wessington Pl.  The first arriving Officer heard gunshots as he arrived near the scene.  Members of the Hendersonville Negotiation Team and the Hendersonville Essential Action Team were activated to manage communication and entry to a reported armed intruder inside the residence.  Police encountered a deceased male inside the residence, of an apparent gunshot wound.  The deceased has been identified as Brian Davidson, age 36 of Charlotte, TN.   Investigation thus far reveals the deceased unlawfully entered the residence with the intention of harming his ex-girlfriend, Shawna Brush, age 46.  Brush’s 18 year old son, Connor Brush exchanged gunfire with Davidson.  This allowed the occupants to escape the residence.  Additional gunfire erupted as the occupants fled the residence.

Investigation continues pending an autopsy by the Medical Examiner.

Follow up info for Shooting Incident, Hendersonville, TN

Shawna Brush and Brian Davidson had been in a relationship for approximately 11 years.  They have two children together, 8 and 10 years of age.  The children resided with Shawna Brush at the Wessington Pl. address.

There is a history of domestic violence dating back to 2006 when Davidson was arrested for domestic assault regarding an incident with Shawna Brush.  Subsequent incidents are as follows:

04-08-2011          Domestic Disturbance between Davidson and Shawna Brush.

09-21-2013          Domestic Disturbance involving Davidson showing up unwanted and unexpectedly at the residence.  Davidson was told at this time not to return to the residence.

04-04-2014          Davidson is alleged to have made threats of harm towards any male being around his kids at the residence.

05-29-2014          Davidson is alleged to have made a threatening call to Shawna Brush.

06-06-2014          Davidson returned to the residence creating a disturbance.  A warrant was obtained at this time for Criminal Trespass.

06-06-2014          Davidson is alleged to have sent over 50 text messages to Shawna Brush, some threatening in nature.  A warrant was obtained for Harassing Communications.

06-20-2014          Davidson returns to the residence and is alleged to have assaulted Shawna Brush with a weapon.  Davidson was taken into custody and served with the prior two warrants and the additional charges of Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon and Stalking.  Shawna Brush filed for an Order of Protection this same day.  It was scheduled to be heard on the morning of July 7.

It appears that Davidson bonded out of jail on 06-28-14 with a bond in excess of $50,000.

In regards to the shooting incident, preliminary results show that Davidson was struck by a round fired from Connor Brush.  It appears Davidson fired two rounds from his own weapon, one striking a nearby residence and the second a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

This investigation is still pending a complete review by the Medical Examiner and analysis of other evidence collected.

Any new developments will be updated to the media accordingly.