Narcan Life Saving use by Officers of H.P.D.

In just one week after the Hendersonville Police Department began issuing Narcan Kits to its officers, the use of this life-saving opiate antagonist has been credited for saving two overdose victims. The Hendersonville Police Department joined other law enforcement agencies in Sumner County who are participating in a program in conjunction with the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition in which Narcan Nasal Spray devices are being provided from Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services.

Hendersonville Officers have responded to two overdose calls just days apart where the officers found at each, a victim in distress after injecting illicit drugs believed to be Heroin. In each instance the victims were unconscious, at the first incident the victim had an immediate reversal and regained consciousness. The second victim had to be transported to the hospital but later also regained consciousness after having been treated by the officer at the scene.

The Hendersonville Police Department is committed to doing everything possible to combat the growing Opioid Epidemic that affects their community and this includes saving the lives of those addicted by having and using this valuable new resource.