First Degree Murder Indictment – Tyrone Tackett.

Media Release

Tackett Arrest


            Tyrone Tackett, age 40, of Dade City, Florida has been indicted for First Degree Murder by the Sumner County Grand Jury in Gallatin for the 2003 murder of his then wife, Selena Harris Tackett.


            The Grand Jury, meeting last week, returned a sealed indictment against Tackett alleging the intentional and premeditated murder of Selena Tackett, and today Sgt. Jim Vaughn of the Hendersonville Police Department served him with the capias and indictment. If convicted Tackett could receive a sentence of life in prison. Tackett’s court date is set for December 16, 2011 in the Criminal Court of Sumner County. He is currently being held without bond in the Sumner County Jail.


            The indictment relates to the disappearance of Selena Tackett from Hendersonville where she and Tyrone Tackett lived, in late January 2003. Her body has not been recovered. Tyrone Tackett was previously indicted by the July term of the Sumner County Grand Jury for soliciting another person to kill Selena Tackett (then Harris) in January 2003, and he has been in jail since then awaiting trial on that charge.


            District Attorney Ray Whitley stated that new evidence was uncovered by the Hendersonville Police Department after Tackett’s indictment on the solicitation charge, and this new evidence was presented to the Grand Jury, resulting in the charge of First Degree Murder. Whitley said “The Hendersonville Police Department has worked tirelessly on this case ever since Selena Tackett disappeared in 2003, and their hard work has enabled us to now present this case in court for trial.”


            Nashville Attorney Peter Strianse represents Tyrone Tackett.